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Unfair Competition Is Again Relevant in California Business Law

The vernacular used in discussing unfair competition and antitrust in matters of business and commerce is often antiquated. Think, for example, of the term "robber baron," which was used to refer to titans of shipping, real estate, and other industries who acquired vast wealth by consolidating power and influence to thereby virtually control relevant markets. In doing so, the board game Monopoly might come to mind, with its old-time tycoon fashioning a bowler hat and spectacles.

For modern day businesses, however, it is critical to understand that unfair competition and even violations of federal antitrust law are no longer a thing of the past to be reduced to fun family games. An experienced San Jose business law and bankruptcy attorney is already well aware of this, keeping up at all times with the "rules of the game."

Federal and State Law Are On the Lookout for Unfair Competition

Much, even half by some estimates, of the nation's wealth currently resides in the Bay Area and Seattle. The reason: Google, Facebook, and Amazon. These three companies represent the new, 21stcentury titans of industry. You might not even be aware that Google and Facebook are next-door neighbors, their massive, sprawling campuses both located near Menlo Park, California.

You might also be unaware that Google actually has a parent company: Alphabet. It is fascinating that we hear and use the word "Google" every day, but almost never hear of the ubiquitous company's parent. Up north in Seattle, Amazon grows and grows and grows, having recently acquired the Whole Foods chain, and ever rumored to be expanding its online retails operations to brick and mortar locations. The impact Google, Facebook, and Amazon have on business, as well as society and culture at large, is staggering - something we are still only beginning to understand, as the 2016 presidential election continues to illustrate.

What to Do If You Believe Your Business Has Been the Victim of Unfair Competition

Whether your business, or attempts to enter into business, have been adversely affected by the nation's biggest Bay Area and Seattle-based players or small to mid-sized competitors, know that you are afforded certain rights and protections under both federal and California state law.

If you believe that you have been the victim of unfair competition in business, contact an experienced San Jose business law attorney. As the chorus of voices calls louder for the regulation and even dismantling into smaller pieces of business that have grown to questionable proportions, an experienced attorney will work to protect your legal rights and interests.

Source: https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/competition-guidance/guide-antitrust-laws

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